Wednesday, June 01, 2011

BPN 1568 World Summit Award Winners 2011 category 4

Category 4: e-Entertainment & Games

4018   Mini-mundi: “tamagotchi” online game for the environment,Guatemala 
4027   Sumo,Ireland
4035   My name is Haas, Netherlands
4041   JoyTunes, Israel
4052   Limbo, Denmark

Mini-mundi: “tamagotchi” online game for the environment, Guatemala,
Description: Mini-mundi is an online tamagotchi, a virtual planet to learn how to separate for recycling. Depending on how well is cared for with the 16 games available, it starts growing and becoming abundant in flora, fauna, natural resources and funny creatures. Mini-mundi was created in order to provide an entertained way to teach kids how to separate for recycling. The game begins giving the kid a a little baby world which he has to take care of through recycling tasks and playing games (there are 16 games through the platform). The game adapts its interface to the time of the day the kid plays and also displays the 4 different seasons through the year. As the kids play they receive different kinds of recognitions and can make albums with the different stages of their mini-mundi. On the other hand, this platform provides a tool for teachers to registers kids on their classrooms to promote the environmental conscience.

Sumo, Ireland, OmniMotion Technology Ltd.
Description: 'Playing with the Big Boys!' SUMO ( / is an Online and Facebook casual and social game featuring unique, accurate, 3D motion control technology for any PC and MAC with a standard webcam. Use your body movement to guide your Sumo through Sumo School before taking on a host of enemies in survival quests and challenges. SUMO is also available from the AppStore for iPhone/iPad (ref: OmniMotion Sumo), and is among the first games in the world to use both intuitive, multi-touch controls, and next-generation 'bump-map' graphics, offering near-console standard visuals and a uniquely engaging playing experience. Finally, Sumo is available on Facebook as a browser-based Motion Control game with full community functionality to enjoy and share! Do you have the balls?

My name is Haas, Netherlands, Mijn naam is Haas
Description: My name is Haas is a transmedia concept for young children, age 3 to 7. Via different media angles children experience the rich world of Haas and his friends. The unique serious game is the core of the concept. Within the serious game children create an interactive story by simply drawing the world of character Haas and drawing solutions to problems. The game increases young children’s vocabulary, stimulates their story comprehension and challenges their problem solving skills, in an interactive animated setting. The world of Haas is designed to fit the target audience completely. The main character Haas, a hare, is the archetypal child. The combination of his lack of experience and his philosophical nature gives rise to his original twists of mind. Hereby he gets into conflict with the other characters, who are much more adult, which leads to comical situations. In addition to the online game there are CD-ROM’s, picture books and zigzag books with circular stories. Currently products are being used at home and in classrooms in the Netherlands.

JoyTunes, Israel, JoyTunes
Description: We are all familiar with the gap between the fantasy of playing a musical instrument and the frustration involved in learning how to play. JoyTunes bridges that gap and motivates kids to play through interactive computer games activated by real instruments. Our interactive games work with your very own instrument and a simple microphone so they are easy and natural to use. The first game, JoyTunes Recorder, is already exposing many children to the wonderful world of music, and this is just the beginning. JoyTunes-Recorder is a web-based music instruction game, activated by playing notes on a real recorder. The game has won several prestigious awards and is being supported by leading music educators from around the world. Through this innovative computer game, JoyTunes has set a goal of creating a fun and interactive doorway to the world of music.

Limbo, Denmark, Playdead
Description: Uncertain of his sister's fate, a boy enters LIMBO.
Description: Limbo is a puzzle platform video game [...]. The game is presented primarily in monochromatic black-and-white tones, using lighting, film grain effects and minimal ambient sounds to create an eerie atmosphere often associated with the horror genre. Journalists praised the dark presentation, describing the work as comparable to film noir and German Expressionism. Based on its aesthetics, reviewers classified Limbo as an example of "video game as art". Reason for Nomination: Magnificent, Unique, Poetic, Beautiful, Special, Intriguing. Simple and intuitive navigation. The sound is comfortable. Can’t be much Better!

BPN 1568

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