Friday, June 03, 2011

BPN 1570 World Summit Award Winners 2011 Category 6

Category 6: e-Science & Technology

4003 – Making movies with a screensaver, Finland
6017   Peer Water Exchange, India 
6023   Discover Primary Science & Maths, Ireland
6034   PORDATA, Portugal
6046   Scienexx, Germany – Making movies with a screensaver, Finland, Laurea University of Applied Sciences
Description: is the most accessible distributed rendering platform on the Internet. It is – and always will be - a completely free service that enables its users to render their animations or stills by using the computing power of volunteers from around the world. By using, 3D artists and animators benefit from being able to use higher image quality and higher resolutions when rendering. Equally importantly, it enables its users to participate in the rendering of stills and animations, regardless of whether or not they themselves are able to or even interested in learning about 3D modelling and animation. The stills and animations created can then later become parts of a movie that the users have helped to create. encourages everybody to take part in both the online community and the collaborative rendering. We advocate the use of open licensing (especially Creative Commons), open values and sharing of
resources over geographic borders.

Peer Water Exchange, India, Peer Water Exchange
Description: PWX is the water sector's marketplace to host and manage all global transactions and long-term activities to select, fund, manage, and track the impact of all projects efficiently, collaboratively, and transparently. One billion people lack access to safe drinking water and 2.7 billion people lack access to a toilet. To solve these mammoth global crises requires changes in the way the entire value chain operates. PWX brings together all stakeholders in the water sector: funders, service providers, project implementers and beneficiaries, gets them to adopt a new mindset, and collaborate to bring safe drinking water and hygienic, dignified sanitation to all. The only scalable, mapdriven, and transparent platform in water, PWX is also the first truly participatory decision-making system in the development sector where empowered applicants weigh in on funding decisions. PWX combines people, process, and technology to help make a sustainable dent in the global water crises.

Discover Primary Science & Maths, Ireland, Discover Science & Engineering
Description: The Discover Primary Science & Maths programme and its website are intended to be valuable resources for teachers and students in Irish primary schools. They help large numbers of children to understand that science and maths are about fun, discovery and adventure and are fundamentally relevant to our everyday lives. Whole-school, hands-on training sessions are provided for all teachers who wish to participate in the initiative. A range of resources are then supplied to participating classes. These include: • A pack of over 30 easy-to-follow science activities • Helpful hints for teachers • Explanations of the science behind each activity, and how it relates to the SESE (social, environmental and scientific education) curriculum Schools that take part and meet certain criteria are recognised with an Award of Science and Maths Excellence. Since the outset the web has played a fundamental role in delivering the Discover Primary Science & Maths programme.

PORDATA, Portugal, Francisco Manuel dos Santos Foundation
Description: is a free public service provided promoted by the Francisco Manuel dos Santos Foundation. This database includes thousands of official statistics from more than 50 official bodies. It started with a database for Portugal and more recently was completed with another for Europe (plus the USA and Japan, whenever possible). Data are displayed in an innovative and easy way, covering many subjects of interest (such as Population, Education, Health, Economy, Environment and Science & Technology), within a time frame of up to five decades. In a just few clicks, the information is displayed in tables or graphs (static and dynamic); indicators from different subjects can be added and cross-referenced in the same table and a variety of statistical operations can also be done. Complete and detailed metadata is also available

Scinexx, Germany, MMCD NEW MEDIA GmbH
Description: The name “scinexx” stands for “science” and “connection”, for the direct link between research and the public. As an internet magazine for popular science “scinexx” provides an extensive and up-to-date insight in the world of science discoveries and trends. Clear, understandable and competent, scinexx provides daily news as well as weekly in-depth dossiers that provide background information and look beyond current events or the boundaries of individual fields or subject areas. Each of the 500+ dossiers consists of a series of articles augmented by slide-shows, quizzes, interactive modules; image galleries as well as TV- and book-tips Current events are featured in the section “Earthview”: an interactive globe with clickable icons shows significant events on Earth in the last days. Events of greater impact are covered by special portals, where all information can be accessed at a glance.

BPN 1570

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