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BPN 1572 World Summit Award Winners 2011 Category 8

Category 8: e-Inclusion & Participation

1040 Help for children, Lithuania
8003 Epooq, Finland
8012 News and learning with sign language, Hungary
8049 Mexico in Community, Mexico
8050 Erada, Egypt

Help for Children, Lithuania, State Child Rights Protection and Adoption Service Under
The Ministry of Social Security and Labour
Description: Helpline for children started its activities from the 14th of September in 2009. Professional Consultants receives calls from children, teens and even adults, who are worried about child rights protection or knows about child violence or abuse cases, wants to help them. Helpline for children working hours are from 11 a.m. till 7 p.m. Consequently it was important to make an opportunity to write us, in case if ends our working hours or there is no possibility to call us. Besides some of children or teens afraid to talk by phone and is better for them to write a letter about all their troubles. That is why webpage was necessary. Also important thing is that this webpage is designed for the better and quicker help to children and teens, who got into trouble or knows about the child who needs help. It is like a short reminder how child can help himself and who else can help him. This page even could be like as prevention.

Epooq, Finland, Oppifi Oy
Description: The idea of Epooq is to create experimental way to relive past moments by recalling  and  telling  stories.  Epooq  has  three  special  features  to  enable  this: 
1.INSPIRATION The content of the service consists of 1) user stories, 2) historical events and 3) thematic memory keys that refer to phases of the life of user. Idea of these is to inspire user to recall past moments and reflect those experiences.
2. STORYTELLING BY USING OWN VOICE Epooq enables storytelling by using all ways of multimedia. User can write text, use images and record videos or audios, and mix these together. Video and audio are central functions. Stories have special character when they are told by real voice, with personal intonation and slang.
3. SHARING EXPERIENCES All content is private by default (to protect the privacy of user), but stories can be published publicly or with communities user feels important to him- or herself. An important part of publishing is an opportunity to see own story in the historical context. This has been enabled by using timeline as main UI. Epooq is still living its´ first phases. We are developing the service on the grounds of user feedback. There is still a lot of work to do, but based on the comments of the first customers and users, it is hitting to the right need.

News and learning with sign language, Hungary Hallatlan Foundation
Description: The content and services of the website aims to popularize  the  education,  dissemination  and  everyday  use  of  the  Hungarian  sign language.  The  innovative  display  of  the  categorized  content  is  viewable  through continuously repeating videos, providing opportunity to practice, mimic gestures (an important factor in effective communication in sign language) and contributes to the effective learning of the sign language. The categorized content helps easy searching and area-focused language learning. The content of the website, including the interpretation of the signs, its currently available in Hungarian English, German, Spanish. The project is not only an online sign language dictionary, but also with additional services (forum, chat, online quiz, news, crossword) an effective learning tool, source of information and community site. We produced a CD-ROM series, focusing on different target groups by specific appearance, content customized to each groups’ needs.

Mexico in Community, Mexico, IT Cooperation Center Iberoamericana AC
Description: Mexico en Comunidad is a project developed by the ITCC sponsored and in partnership with the Social Development Secretariat. It is a project aimed to support the poorest villages in Mexico with the support of ICT, focusing in two main streams: the Community  Creation  System  and  the  Support  Programs  Platform.  The Community Creation System provides a easy to use, no specialized tool to create an Internet web page of each community. In this page the local users can provide information about: products, services, touristic attractions and festivities; as well as specific information and stories, legends or traditional recipes. More than 300 communities all around the territory have been created using this system. The Support Programs Platform is intended to promote specific programs of Government and NGOs, making their rules more understandable and accessible for non IT liberated users. The programs are focused on Health, Education, Environment, Economic Development, Housing and Infrastructure. Up to date, they are provided contents from more than 15 different Federal Government agencies.

Erada, Egypt, Egypt ICT Trust Fund
Description: According to 2007 WHO statistics, approximately 11% of Egyptian population, around 9.4 million, suffer from some kind of disability/impairment. People with disabilities may be different but they have the same needs as everyone else. Given a helping hand, they can live independently and contribute to society. Accordingly the specialized portal Erada addresses PWD significant need related to the knowledge and information empowerment for people with disabilities (PWD) in order to ensure their full participation and inclusion at all levels of society. this Portal focuses on catering knowledge, needs, and concerns to PWD in all categories (hearing impairment, visual impairment, Physical impairment, mental retardation, autism, Learning Difficulties) and covers important topics such as terms of disabilities, laws & rights, early intervention, genetic diseases…etc. it also provides a web creation & Technical support services to guarantee sustainable knowledge networks of concerned communities.

BPN 1572

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