Saturday, June 04, 2011

BPN 1571 World Summit Award Winners 2011 Category 7

Category 7: e-Business & Commerce

7002 Aeroscan, New Zealand
7027 Hootsuite, Canada
7050 Monaqasat, Lebanon
7006 Hammerkit, Finland
7058 Star, Ghana

Aeroscan, New Zealand, Areograph Limited
Description: Areoscan is a web based service that enables the user to create a 3D model of any area or object using digital photographs. In industries such as surveying, architecture, and design; Areoscan is proving a cost effective, flexible and time efficient solution for all sorts of jobs, ranging from complex land surveys, through to creative art projects. Whatever the need, Areoscan takes a real-life subject and automatically generates a 3D model in the same way a 3D laser scanner does, but without the need for specialized equipment. The 3D models can be downloaded in a variety of formats for manipulation by a range of computer aided design (CAD) programmes. There are a number of guides available online to assist the user to maximise their experience and get great results.

Hootsuite, Canada, HootSuite Media, Inc.
Description:  HootSuite  is  a  web  and  mobile  social  media  dashboard  that  helps individuals and organizations spread messages, monitor conversations and track results across multiple networks including Twitter and Facebook. HootSuite helps organizations use the social web to launch marketing campaigns, identify and grow audience, and distribute targeted messages across multiple channels. Using HootSuite’s unique social media dashboard, teams can collaboratively schedule updates to Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Wordpress and other social networks via web, desktop or mobile platforms plus track campaign results and industry trends to rapidly adjust tactics. Launched in Dec.2008 by Invoke Media, HootSuite’s rapidly growing user base includes governments, artists  and  organizations  like  The  White  House,  Martha  Stewart  Media,  SXSW  and Zappos. Accolades include awards from Mashable’s Open Web, Canadian New Media, and Shorty Awards.

Monaqasat, Lebanon, NuServ Online Tender Services LLC
Description: Launched in 2009, is an online state-of-the-art eTendering solution/platform that enables its users to work with their tenders in an easy, secure, cost and time efficient way. The platform greatly contributes to reducing administrative overheads and increasing productivity for its clients and Monaqasat has quickly grown to become the largest private provider of eTendering solutions in the United Arab Emirates, with the majority of large UAE construction companies now registered and over 600 active customers

Hammerkit, Finland, HammerKit Oy
Description: HammerKit is a cloud-based web application development environment. Based on a unique component technology HammerKit enables web applications to be built in a modular and visual way. A consequence of the component approach is the ability for any application to be copied precisely with a single button click and used as the basis of another modifed application. HammerKit turns web projects into globally repeatable solutions. HammerKit differs from traditional coding-based environments. HammerKit allows you to design and build anything from a simple web site to a complex, data-driven application. With HammerKit you create applications in a real-time visual drag and drop interface where building web services is made easy through the use of functional elements and visual components. There is no command line coding to worry about. The real-time approach allows you to work collaboratively with your clients and your team. Everything you create with HammerKit is stored in the Cloud. HammerKit runs on Amazon AWS infrastructure and has been built to scale as required. There is nothing to download or install.

Star, Ghana, Multiplant Ltd.
Description: Nsoroma ( is a company that provides a range of tracking and fleet management services in Ghana and the West African sub- region. It is a product of a relationship between 3dtracking ( and Multiplant Ghana Ltd. A few enhancements include:
- Working with proprietary maps (or generating maps) of unmapped areas, and integrating solution into our database.
- Dispatch capabilities: Garmin satellite navigation units with Ghana maps can now be integrated into our tracking system. This permits two-way communication with drivers, automatic driver ID recognition and the use of an order management system for real-time adjustment to operational directives. For instance you can send  your  driver  an  instruction  with  a  location  which  will  be  clearly  and unambiguously displayed on the navigator map and will also be recorded in the database system. This can be made to work without house numbers.
- Solution to compute and automate reports based fuel consumption averages.
- Solution to allow drivers to invoice per mileage driven.
- Tampering alert solution to discourage dishonest drivers.
- Low cost, because of no monthly subscription payments, but highly effective solution for financial companies or individuals, who would not want to track their vehicles all the time; but, if need be, immobilize and retrieve their vehicle with ease.

BPN 1571

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