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BPN 1569 World Summit Award Winners 2011 Category 5

Category 5: e-Culture & Heritage

3017   World of the Habsburgs, Austria
5002   Vaeggen/The Wall, Ireland
5027   Redress Remix, Canada
5035   The Nude Maja, Venezuela
5056   The Germans, Germany

World of the Habsburgs, Austria, Schloss Schoenbrunn Kultur- und Betriebsges.m.b.H
Description: The World of the Habsburgs – a virtual exhibition in a multimedia presentation casts light with a critical slant and orientation on the current status of research on the history of the Habsburgs and their epoch. Besides the representatives of the dynasty, the virtual exhibition spotlights the political history and the general social developments of the era. The website draws a colourful picture of the world of the Habsburgs from the 13th until the early 20th century; it goes far beyond any hitherto attempted presentation forms, whether text or other media, for virtual historical exhibitions. It links the exhibits through topics and key issues, thus assembles storylines, objects and texts as in a real exhibition. In all, there are more than 500 chapter modules contained within about 100 key topics and about 1,400 images or exhibits. Despite the enormous archive of content, the website is neither a Wikipedia nor an encyclopaedia. It is a virtual exhibition with an innovative user interface that makes history exploration per mouse-click into a unique pleasure.

Vaeggen, New Zealand, Gibson Group Ltd
Description: Vaeggen (The WALL) is a massive but mobile interactive video installation on the streets of Copenhagen that allows citizens and visitors to explore in depth the cultural past, present, and future of the city and its diverse populations. Multi-touch and multi-user, the interface uses a strong graphical idiom understandable by all community groups and encourages them to not only explore the 14,000 cultural assets accumulated to date, but to also create new media assets that comment and incorporate the heritage collection, and to use the giant on-screen touch keyboards to email these assets around the world and insert them into their own social media networks. In the first half year of operations, the Wall has attracted more than 400,000 users, who viewed more than 2  million cultural media assets, sent more than 60,000 digital postcards, and uploaded 2,500 new contributions of their own. Already the idea is being taken up by other cities in Scandinavia and attracting interest around the globe.

Redress Remix, Canada, Stich Media
Description: Redress Remix is an award winning* project comprised of a 3 part documentary series and interactive living documentary. Redress Remix tackles one of the most controversial Canadian government decisions of our time: the official 2006 apology to the Chinese Canadian community for the Head Tax and Exclusion Act of 1923. The documentary film uses a unique approach that includes animation techniques, newly composed music and testimonial interviews, to reveal to audiences the events that shaped the Redress movement and led to the official Government apology and its influence on a new generation of Chinese Canadians. The interactive web project, developed in conjunction with the film, allows Canadians to contribute to the national dialogue on the issue through a ground-breaking ‘living documentary’ experience. Users are invited to explore 180º panoramas featuring subjects from the film who represent a certain theme related to the Redress movement. The panoramas offer information about the subject, the theme, and a thematic video featuring repurposed documentary footage. The user can then respond to what they have learned by turning on their webcam and becoming a part of the discussion.

The Nude Maja, Venezuela, La Maja Desnuda
Description: La Maja Desnuda (This is an independent production) has more than 22 years on the air and currently broadcasts on Venezuela, producing in this time more than 1144 programs presenting world poetry's most representative voices including Walt Whitman, Tranströmer, Adonis, Lagerkvist, Borges, Vallejo, Miguel Hernandez, Sophia de Mello, Eliot, Pasolini. Has a data base of more than 900 recorded poets reading their poetry. It recorded interviews with contemporary poets as well known as: Adonis (Lebanon). Fina Marruz Garcia (Cuba) Blanca Varela (Peru) Ledo Ivo (Brazil) Casimiro de Brito (Portugal) Nidaa Khoury (Lebanon) Ide Hintze (Austria) Luisa Castro (Spain). And our site: has been building a large data base with more than 900 audio voices of poets and maintains an updated site dedicated to poetry. 

The Germans, Germany, ZDF
Description: The website with its core element interactive 1200 Years of German History. It provides a new and unique approach to 1200 years of German History. History in 20 Minutes or several hours, each user can choose between a quick glance or a more intricate study. It combines uniquely different multi media elements such as implemented videos of the TV series, pictures, interactive maps, downloads and a glossary. It also has a state-of-the-art look and feel and a very straight forward, intuitively navigational structure. The complicated subject History is presented in a very easy-to-use and playful manner and even people generally less interested in the subject can explore German history without reading long text or boring timelines.

BPN 1569

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