Friday, July 08, 2005

The first Vocinet workshop takes off

Today I am in Salzburg, Austria, for a workshop. It is the first workshop of a series of four workshops designed for teachers, which will be held throughout Europe (Salzburg, Tampere, Milano and Vienna). It is an initiative of the Instructors’ Network, a subsidiary of the European Academy of Digital Media (EADiM), and is supported by the EU Media programme.

The first workshop is already a success before the start. There were more applications than the organisation could handle. In the end 20 teachers were allowed in.And they came from all over Europe, from Estonia to Ireland, from The Netherlands to Bulgaria. The staff for the workshop consists officially of 9 tutors, but due the London terrorist attack one tutor is unable to come. But we still have a fine staff together with people like Eku Wand , Chris Hales, Stefan Goebel, Elsa Pecourt, Massimo Catalfo and Patrick McEntaggert. All these people have been involved in productions from interactive movies to games. All together we have an interesting mix of people and backgrounds.

The program starts at 14.00h with a welcome speech by Peter Bruck. After that we start with a review of the workshops that have been held in this area: INYOP and Saga. I am interested to hear about Saga as I only had a look at their site. After the coffee break Chris Hales will start with his interactive films. That will sollicit a lot of laughs I am sure.

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