Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Tiscali Netherlands and KPN have reached an agreement for the transfer of more than 60.000 Tiscali ADSL retail subscribers to KPN. for a total consideration of around 13 million euro. The agreement concerns exclusively those Tiscali Netherlands ADSL subscribers that are connected to the KPN network through a resellers contract between the two operators. Customers will not experience any change in services. Settings and conditions will remain identical.
This transfer is part of Tiscali’s strategy to focus on the accelerated unbundling of the proprietary network allowing the company to offer competitive ADSL access products as well as innovative services to its ADSL subscribers.

The transfer sum is around 13 million euro. So these days, an ADSL subscriber represents the value in terms of money: 13 million euro : 60,000 subscribers = 216,66 euro per subscriber. In historical perspective this is not bad for Tiscali. On the height of small band Internet in March 2000 a Dutch World Online user was 6.400 euro worth. This valuation had gone down to 1850 euro by December 2000, when World Online was acquired by the Italian company Tiscali. By January 2001 a French Liberty Surf user was worth 1066 euro. But in April the value of a German Planet Interkom user to Tiscali had come down to 110 euro. By November 2001 the absolute lowest price was reached when Tiscali paid only 5 euro for a Dutch Wish Nok Nok user.

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