Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Unleashing the gorilla in cable networks

Last week I wrote about the speed upgrade which might be expected in the next year or even half year. The Finnish company Teleste predicted that it would start to upgrade the speed on cable systems to at least 30Mbps by 2006 and 100Mbps by 2007. The Dutch cable company Essent still hopes for a head start of at least one year.

I went back today to the site of Teleste and saw that the company was doing some real marketing. So far it had relied on press releases and photographs of boxes and cables, but now they had an animation The Virtual Giant, telling about the advantages of Ethernet to the Home (EttH). With the Hulk imitation the company wants drive home that the speed will be ominous. Teleste wants to rock your world with a virtual world.

The EttH does not need a modem, but an EttH wall outlet, which can be installed by the customer himself. They can simply put the Ethernet cable into the wall outlet and link it to your computer. The EttH wall outlet has a built-in filter, so there will not be any ingress by unwanted services.

Altogether this animation is not bad. It does not show what the speed does to the download on the screen. In fact when showing the new speed a very slow break-out game is shown; this is not exactly a recommendation for the system. Yet, for a company selling boxes, cable connections and wall outlets, this animation must be a major step forwards in their marketing strategy. Despite the grossness it is funny and technically well done.

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