Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Amsterdam theatres on fibre

The Foundation Fabchannel has taken the initiative to put the Amsterdam theatres grouped around the Leidseplein in Amsterdam together on glass fibre, thus making them more easily accessible to the rest of the world. The project Leidseplein will be part of the Citynet, an initiative for a local glass fibre net in Amsterdam. The Glass fibre Starnetwork Cultural Amsterdam, as the project is officially dubbed, connect pop temple Paradiso, Melkweg, De Balie, Stadsschouwburg, De Waag, Bellevue, Montivideo and Amsterdam Uitbureau. The project is seen as a first project of the creative industry in Amsterdam.

Presentation of Fabchannel during the Europrix.nl jury deliberations

Fabchannel was recently the winner of the Europrix.nl. The foundation is the internet channel for the pop temple Paradiso, which decided five years ago to launch Fabchannel, because of decreasing media attention for live music. Fabchannel now broadcasts concerts, festivals, lectures and competitions on the Internet, in sound and vision. The objective of this channel is to promote live music. Fabchannel has now more visitors online than Paradiso has physically.

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