Tuesday, September 27, 2005

A makeshift testlab in Amsterdam

In the Vondel Park in Amsterdam two containers has been placed on top of each other. It is not the beginning of a new series of Big Brother, but it is the testlab of online games. In the container 7 people will rank a list of 1000 online games in 4,5 days. It must be a crazy task.

The seven, 3 ladies and 4 men, can be seen live thanks to webcams and they write also a blog (in Dutch) about their experiences. The seven fanatics have been selected out of 300 candidates.

Gamers are asked to send in their favourite games. They can win prizes by participating.

It is a nice action, but what will be the lasting result? The list will always be controversial. But on the other hand there has been exposure for the sponsors.

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