Saturday, September 10, 2005

WSA Grand Jury Bahrain: Day 8

The result of a week hard labour is there. This is the list of five best practices per catagorie:

Brisbane City Council Green Home (Australia)
e-Visas (Bahrain) (Canada)
Municipality Meeting Online (Netherlands)
Directgov (United Kingdom)

Tianfu Agriculture Information Network (China) (Ireland)
Artisanal Shopping (Morocco)
WebTelegram (Tunesia)
Jotun Professionals Network United Aerab Emirates

Eternal Egypt (Arab Republic of Egypt)
Paris, A Roman City (French Republic)
Aram Khachaturian: Work and Life (Republic of Armenia)
The Victors: Soldiers of the Great War (Russian Federation)
Lakota Winter Counts (United States of America)

E-Entertainment (Argentina)
Gullivers World - a Multimedia Theatre (Austria)
Mole's Trip e-Entertainment (Czech Republic)
DVD-Kids e-Entertainment (Iceland)
BBC One Music e-Entertainment (United Kingdom)

Australia 2004 Underworld (Australia)
Canada 2051 Contraception Awareness Project (Canada)
Czech Republic 2062 Internet Access to Patient Health Care Information (Czech Republic)
India 2037 Sisu Samarakshak (India)
United States of America 2056 Medline Plus (United States)

Virtual Science Museums of China (China) Croatia)
Edumedia (France)
JST Virtual Science Center (Japan)
Cape Farewell (United Kingdom)

Womengateway (Bahrain)
DeafPlanet (Canada)
Children@Hospital (France)
Using ICTs for social inclusion (Guatamala)
Web Content Translation Engine e-Inclusion (Kuwait)

Digital Literacy Program (PAD) (Argentina)
E-Blocks (Brazil)
Nature Park Kopacki rit (Croatia)
Advanced e-Learning Objects (Romania)
Stagework (United Kingdom)

Some statistics:
742 products entered
168 countries participated
40 products selected as best practice from 26 countries
37 jurors from 36 countries


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