Monday, September 05, 2005

WSA Grand Jury Bahrain: Day 3

This day is a stressy one. The jurors have to get through the lit of products and evaluate them. The objective is to select 20 products for closer study in the second round. It is a lot of reading, trying products out and looking at accessibility.

Usually discussions arise about what a particular subject is all about. What new media is doing to business, what internet does society in e-inclusion. They are interesting subjects as the first contours of the framework for the winners shapes up. By tomorrow afternoon the first round will be closed. Then we will have maximally 20 entries in every of the 8 categories.

For the first round a piece of software has been develop by the organisation bureau ICNM in Salzburg. So by the end of evaluating some 100 products per category the jurors have their own score sheet, the scores of the category teams. From this the moderation team of process managers can read the minimum and maximum scores as well as the variations between the jurors. Sometimes this is revealing and interesting enough to start a talk.

Every day there is a plenary, conducted according to rules of motions, seconding and raising of hands

The second round will be more relaxed as there are maximally 20 products to be evaluated. But in this phase the potential candidates will have to be identified. Not that the groups are deciding about the five winners per category straight away. That is being done by the whole jury body. But I will tell about that part of the process later.

But in the meantime, it is nice to hear jurors say that they have identified winners for themselves.


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