Wednesday, September 21, 2005

A small niche

Would a publisher ever think of going into identity verification services? It looks just such a small niche. But Keesing Reference Systems did. Yesterday a press release on such a service was published online.

Years ago Keesing Reference Systems published a looseleaf book with passport and other identity images. It looked fit for a small market of customs and police. After the looseleaf book a CD-ROM was offered. But now the publisher has developed an identity validation service, which is not only intended for police, customs and social services, but also for employers and temp agencies.

The service is offered as a secure internet application. The service works on the basis of of a scan of the original document . The Documentscan keyes the machinereadble data in, analyses the data and reports online in real time. The scan, personal data, biometric data and report are stored in a secure database of an AAA class data center. Besides the identity data other data such as agreements, CVs and other documents can be filed. The documentscan uses a refence database with detailed information on identity documents from more than 200 countries including safety characteristics such as watermarks and UV-reaction.

The Document scan works with Internet Explorer and Firefox, on PCs as well as on Macs. The software was developed by Icontact.

Keesing Reference Systems also offers a verification service for banknotes.

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