Friday, February 24, 2006

Another media extension

The Dutch newspapers are becoming actively involved in broadcast. First De Telegraaf buys Sky Radio, followed by PCM buying Arrow Radio. And PCM is also assessing TV opportunities at a tune of 150 million euro for over a period of three years.

Now the regional AD newspaper and the new broadcast station Talpa are looking into opportunities for co-operation in the TV programme Entertainment Live!, which will be launched from March 27 onwards. The programme will have two competitors in RTL Boulevard and SBS6 Shownieuws, two programmes fishing in the same pond.

And if this is not enough yet, the spokesperson for AD announces, that the newspaper managers are in talks with regional and national TV and radio stations. This will be interesting. AD is a joint-venture between PCM regional newspapers and Wegener regional newspaper. AD has built up a fine position for their internet site. By moving into regional and national radio and television, they might upset commercial and public broadcast companies.

In fact I wonder whether this action of AD is covered by PCM Holding. It would not be the first time that AD starts branching out while PCM Holding is still brooding. In 1995 AD started an internet site, while PCM was still thinking over a company wide internet policy; in the end they had to bow to PCM Interactive Media (PIM), which was dismantled in 2001.

But let’s wait with judging till AD and Talpa make an official announcement and their first show. Perhaps even more announcement could follow. Question will be: will it deliver more subscriptions for the newspaper and more viewers for the radio and TV stations.

In the back of my mind there is still a flickering light of a nagging question: why don’t the newspapers start their own internet channels with portals, including radio and television for business people and consumers. They should have newspaperlike articles with animations, animated infographics, video and audio as well as half hour shows. Given the small segments in the Dutch broadcast market of 500.000 viewers or less for particular programs, it must be possible to built up a faithful audience.

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