Monday, February 06, 2006

New media initiatives Olympic Winter Games

Big sports events such as the Olympic Winter Games and the World Championship Soccer are moments for people to buy new television sets - flat screens these days - and for companies to roll out innovations. The Torino 2006 Olympic Winter Games will provide sports fans with the greatest choice of viewing and the most technologically advanced coverage of any previous Olympic Games.

The Winter Olympic Games in Turin (Italy) starting this week will show some new media initiatives:
There will be more broadcasters supplying broadband internet coverage than ever before, increasing from eight countries for Athens 2004 to over 20 across four continents. In most cases, this will include live coverage across a number of channels in countries such as France, Germany, Canada, Australia and Japan. France Telecom will provide seven broadband channels of live coverage of the Games, airing over 50 hours a day.

For the first time, there will be live or delayed video coverage of the Olympic Games on mobile phones. This will occur across five continents in almost 20 countries, including France, the UK, Germany, Canada, South Africa, New Zealand and South Korea.

In Europe alone, access to the Games via mobile telephony will be available in 14 countries, through seven mobile operators. In South Korea, Digital Multimedia Broadcast (DMB) technology will allow mobile phone users to gain direct access to coverage of the Games from Korean Olympic broadcasters.

Most interesting will be the transmissions of high definition television (HDTV). Although they still will be rather experimental, with not too many HDTV set around, it will be interesting to see the difference. The host broadcast, produced by the Torino Olympic Broadcasting Organisation (TOBO) will be the first to be filmed entirely in High Definition Television (HDTV). TOBO will use 400 HD cameras to cover the Games, delivering more than 900 hours of HD coverage to all rights holders.


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