Saturday, February 25, 2006


This week I receive an e-mail from Noterik BV. This company was one of the winners in the category e-Government of the World Summit Award last year with their application of their Streamedit software. The e-mail announced their new product ClickVideo: an interactive online video technology. ClickVideo offers easy creation and publishing of clickable video objects and paves the way for compelling video based advertising, e-commerce and e-learning applications.

Since 1996 the company has produced a variety of web based video applications. For many years Noterik conducted research in the field of interactive video applications, also known as Hypervideo. This research has now resulted in a new web based technology which enables producers to easily create clickable video hotspots in common online media such as Windows Media, QuickTime and Real Media. The ClickVideo authoring module is soon to be released as an add-on to StreamEdit, a media management framework developed by Noterik to optimize digital media workflow. No additional plug-ins are required from the user side to play ClickVideo applications.

At the Noterik site the application can be seen with two demonstrations: one of a lecture (looks dull, but it works) and one on a fashion show (always works). The telco KPN and the newspaper conglomerate have shown interest in ClickVideo. However there should be a caution to the viweing. I tried the application first with Firefox and it did not work; after that I tried Internet Explorer and it did work properly. I can see many applications to make internet TV channel applications, besides home shopping of course.

BTW While on the subject of the subject of video, I noticed a nice viral movie of a Dutch politician, which has been downloaded now more than 100.000 times in 1 week. Have a look at it; you will probably not understand anything of it, but you will recognise the body language. There will be elections for the municipal councils on March 7th, 2006.


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