Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Cross Media event in Amsterdam

In September, 2006 a cross media week will be organised in Amsterdam. Hosted by the city of Amsterdam and sponsored by the Dutch ministry of Economic Affairs, the Cross Media Week will explore how art, science, business and technology are changing the way we interact with, produce and consume media. From online games to TV show formats, from virtual reality to conversational new media, from multi-platform brands to consumer-generated content, the Cross Media Week will provide you with insight into the many changes media and the media industry are undergoing and the new opportunities and new creative services the industry is offering.

Cross Media Week 2006 will include a major conference, workshops, an exhibition featuring multimedia content, gaming and art, and an awards ceremony. The Cross Media Week is to become a recurring, annual event that attracts creative talent from around the world. The event should become the annual festival of the digital creative industry. Amsterdam invests 445.000 euro, while the ministry sinks 600.000 euro in the event. Amsterdam likes to project itself as the capital of the digital creative industry in the northern wing, the area ranging from Haarlem, Amsterdam, Almere, Hilversum and Utrecht.

There will be a conference, workshops, exhibition, demonstrations and company visits. A gala event featuring special guests, the Cross Media Awards ceremony will recognise international companies which have displayed excellence in creative content production and innovative, content-related technology applications. The awards will be handed out by a jury comprised of international business and technology leaders.

BTW Talking about cross media, I had a glimpse of the future last night: multi-touch interaction and start the movie.


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