Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Blogonomics 06 (6)

Politicians have discovered blogs and podcasts. In the Netherlands we have a ministers of justice, Mr Donner, who spasmodically attempts to reach the youth and have a podcast and even start to rap. More naturel is politician Jan Marijnissen. Who has blogged and podcasted now for over a year and gave a moderate annual report on thes communication activities. As he could not be present at the meeting of Blogonomics, he had made a vlogcast. (Photograph of the vlogcast of Mr Marijnissen borrowed from Krijn Schuurman).

He has started his blogging activities after a deal with podfather Adam Curry. Curry would help Jan Marijnissen with podcasting and Adam Curry would become member of the political party SP. Whether Curry has become a member of the party is unclear, but one thing is sure, that Jan Marijnissen is online; his party even has a vlogging studio.

In 2005 he had a lot of success, as he was one of the few politicians producing podcasts. In 2006 the other political parties are in a hurry to get into blogging and podcasting. But Marijnissen still has 10.000 unique visitors daily and in the time of the municipal elections in March he could count on 16.000 unique visitors. He is also the link master with the highest percentage of links.

What he likes about the blogs and podcasts is that he can react emotionally to the subjects, but also produce interviews with people he meets. On the other hand he can use the web for polling and opinions. In order to draw attention, Marijnissen believes that you need to be surprising, inviting and challenging.


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