Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Launch first Dutch MBA Cross Media

The venue was perfect for the launch of the first Dutch MBA Cross Media: a beautiful estate in the East of Holland in the midst of a park with nice sunny weather. The MBA is an initiative of the Lemniscaat School of Management, Conclusion and companies active in the cross-media chain. The course will start in September 2006.

There was an interesting mix of people from media industry such as the newspaper and book publishers (PCM, Wegener, Sanoma, Telegraaf, Audax, Bertelsmann and Springer) as well as the new industry (Endemol, Vodafone, Versatel, T-Mobile, MTV Networks, Voipster/Backstream). Problems for all these companies is to attract professionals who understand the new media landscape, but also make the future with new challenging projects. The educational program will be produced by academics, media consultants and industry experts.

In the afternoon small break out session were planned. The role of the shop floor, was one subject. Cross-media applications for clients was another session as well as changes in the chain. I had been asked to introduce the subject of consumer generated media. This solicited a discussion from the start between the media and content people. Were we talking about media produced with content of consumers such as a blog newspaper or a television program with video and cam input from the consumers? Or were we talking about user generated content and the influence on the traditional and new media? The discussion also touched on the legal minefield of copyright and creative commons.

It was an impressive group of people, that the organisers had brought together under the denominator cross-media. It was clear from the discussions that there were different interpretations of the cross-media, with a heavy stress on cross-channel. The denominator is wide enough in order to cover the developments in the media chain from content creation to cross channel distribution, but also to cover the media from print to internet, mobile and digital television. For those who want to know my ideas about cross-media, please download the e-Content report of ACTeN on cross-media.

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