Saturday, May 27, 2006

Surpassing traditional tv shows

Last night my wife and I had dinner at a Moroccan restaurant with Frits, a long life friend since my professional life. I met him first in 1970 at Spectrum Publishers, where he was an editor of science books; I started as the editor humanities in the reference department. Since that time we have been through all the technology waves of videotex, laser discs, CD-ROMs and Internet.

We got to talk about Theo Kampschreur an former common colleague, who specialised in mobile content. He had an interview in the Dutch financial daily this week. He is these days the managing director of All Connected Media, a 100 percent subsidiary of the largest Dutch newspaper company De Telegraaf; last I knew was that he was the managing director of Mobillion. I guess that the business is expanding and a new holding All Connected Media is needed.

One of the products of All Connected Media is SBTV, an interactive internet television station. The station is the latest addition to the sites and, two youth sites. These sites were again the product of a mobile chat service for youngsters between 13 and 20 years.

The internet television station SBTV has been developed very carefully together with the Italian company Digital Magics. Since July 2005, Mobillion has been working on it and in February the station was launched. Since that time there have been three daily shows between 4 and 10 o’clock in the evening. And with success. At present 10.000 viewers a day tune into the show and take part in the live show through their webcam. With this population SBTV has an audience similar to Dutch broadcast subsidiary of MTV.

With SBTV the company is picking up enough experience to attract the youngsters. They are also working on the commercial opportunities. With the experience and business models, the company wants to service other, older target groups with live shows.

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