Thursday, May 18, 2006

Editing a manuscript (5): mobile tourist services

The title of the next article to edit sounds very catchy: Post Disney experience paradigm? Some implications for the development of content to mobile tourist services. The article was written by Lars Bojen from Danmark.

This is the abstract of his paper:
This paper presents and discusses a conceptual framework for a location based mobile ICT system for a visitor destination in the near future. The issues presented originate from ideas and intentions in a specific Danish tourism project “Mobile Digital City and Nature Walks - development of content and software for a mobile tourism device”. The article gives an introduction to the background and intentions in the project, where focus is on content and sustainable tourism. And to outline how mobile ICT services can add value to the tourism experience and to the visitor destinations in the proposed project, the article present first a user scenario and then some implications for the development of content for mobile tourist services regarding: a) the good tourism experience according to the industry and b) experiences from qualitative studies of tourism. Finally the paper outlines main challenges in the project in terms of content development, technology and tourism industry. The contours of a new experience paradigm, when convergent and pervasive technologies have been implemented in 5-10 years, are also presented.


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