Friday, May 12, 2006

A new Dutch film festival announced

Today there is a press conference in Nijmegen, a city in the East of the Netherlands. There will be an announcement of a new film festival, which will be held in Arnhem and Nijmegen from May/June next year onwards.

It will not just be a movie festival with movies being played in the local theatres, awards and a big party. This festival will be a festival for the whole region named the Festival of KAN (Kunst Arnhem Nijmegen, Art Arnhem and Nijmegen). The intention is to reach deep into the region beyond the main cities of Arnhem and Nijmegen. Besides events at the movie theatres, there will be portable movie events, movie events for mobiles and fiber events. The festival intends to promote digital movie making and projection.

The portable movie event will be sensational. With a Hummer, festival people will drive to surrounding villages, set up a portable LED wall screen (in half an hour) and start playing movies. Barco will deliver this type of support. But also movies on mobiles will be available and movies via broadband.

Besides the events there will also be symposia on movie production and developments. In these sessions aspects of digital movie production will be treated. The organisers have contacted for example Michela Ledwidge to present a workshop on remixable movies.

The film festival will be organised from the historic Arsenaal, a new cultural centre for literature as well as image and sound in the centre of Nijmegen. In the building are located the European Joris Ivens Foundation, the association DFILM, Dziga and Mooves.


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