Thursday, September 21, 2006

The Hague Telecom Day 2006 (1)

It has become a tradition, the Telecom Day of the municipality The Hague. Last year I followed the webcast, which was not entirely a success; so this year I decide to move my body through time and place and be there.

It is an annual event, where toute telecom of the Netherlands was present. The program was interesting; the theme was Open networks, new applications. The first part was aimed at Open networks; the second part was about the applications. Were there surprises? Not really, but there were some highlights. The open network section was full of spectacle: open networks, an all IP network for KPN, Free Wireless internet in the public sector and broadband in an international perspective. The second part was centered around applications.

Open networks
This section was opened by Malcom Matson, founder of COLT Telecom and chairman of the Open Local Area Networks (OPLAN) Foundation. In his presentation Malcolm Matson just toppled all the traditional business propositions. From paid to free, from profit to societal gain. The presentation of the incumbent, KPN, was impressive. KPN wants to invest 1,5 billion euro in an ALL IP network. It sounds good, but it remained unclear how KPN was going to make this network profitable, while loosing money on the fixed network. Challenging was the presentation of Esmee de Guzman Vos of Muniwireless on Free Wireless Internet in public spaces. Konstantinos Apostolatos of Arthur D. Little, talked on the conclusions of their latest report on broadband; I enjoyed reading the summary of the report as it slapped the hands of the glass fibre mafia.

With the theme of open networks you are talking about broadband and fast networks. What this means to the application field is not new. Video on Demand, streaming video, downloading video, it is all possible. But is this really new? The company 2way Traffic had all the buzz words right, multi-platform (or cross media platforms?) multi-media and of course multi-bucks in the entertainment sector, but it was not impressive. Really impressive was the theme about remote care. Also impressive was the story of the Belgian cable operator Telenet; it is a cable operator, but earns more money on other services.

In the coming week I will treat some of the Open Network and applications presentations.

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