Friday, September 01, 2006

A peep at this year's innovation (2)

Jury duty is a lot of work. But sometimes there are breaks. Like last night, when the jury members have been taken to the mountains for a gorgeous view and typical Salzburg dinner, a rather heavy meal, with a typical desert (Kaisersmalz or something like that). While eating two jury members were discussing going for jogging in the morning; they told me later they did enjoy the heavy meal.

In the first two days of the jury work the jury has been selecting the potentials. In the second round another group of jury members is going to look at the potentials in order to put forward a shortlist to be evaluated by the entire jury.

I always love to see the statistics of the entries per technical platform. Sometimes it indicates what is going on and where students and young professionals are busy with. You would expect them to be developing a mass of games. This year the statistics read:
- Offline/Interactive DVD: 35
- Broadband Online: 54
- Content tools and interface design: 29
- Digital video and animation: 58
- Games: 35
-.Interactive computer graphics: 37
- Interactive Installations & Interactive TV: 42
- Mobile content: 22
Broad band online is not a surprise. Offline/Interactive DVD is still rather strong with 35 entries. Digital video and animation has a surprisingly high amount of entries, while games have a good representation. As usual mobile entries look low, but 22 entries is pretty good, given the fact that mobile is very complex. Interactive installations and interactive television is a very well represented platform. In this platform especially interactive installations is well represented. Years ago interactive installations hardly were en vogue. But in the past beautiful and funny installations have passed such as Kung Fu Fighter, interactive system, rope jumping and of course air guitar.

I am looking forward to the presentations of the short list. This will start this afternoon.

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