Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The Hague Telecom Day (6)

In the section application Duco Sickinghe, CEO of the Belgian cable company Telenet, was invited. His presentation showed how a cable operator can improve financial performance with physical services and content applications.

The cable company is a conglomeration of 17 former municipal cable companies. As a cable company it now covers mainly Flanders with analogue TV. The company has started to roll out interactive digital TV (iDTV) in the same area as well as telephone services. But it has also started to offer mobile telephone and operates 1400 hotspots throughout Belgium. Besides customer services it also offers B2B services. Revenue comes from analogue cable TV, internet and telephony with digital television and B2B as growth areas. iDTV has a penetration of 11 per cent after one year of introduction and will reach 66 per cent after 5 years.

The iDTV content offer consists of five pillars: electronic program guide, prime services, thematic channels, on demand and applications. The prime services exist of films and sport. With video on demand the consumers can request of the 2000 movies or a Broadcaster on demand. In the category interactive services, Telenet offers participation television and interactive advertisement, but also walled garden programs such as background information to the Peking Express and timetables for the train.

Commercially Telenet has three bundles which it integrates under the slogan: Surf, chat and watch with Telenet.

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