Friday, September 08, 2006

Interactive marketing: a man's business?

Yesterday I was at a barbeque. It was not a barbeque in honour of my 500 blog posting, but a gathering of contributors in the Marketingfacts blog, one of the most successful professional blogs in the Netherlands. The founder Marco Derksen (second of the right) had taken the initiative to have a barbecue, so that the more than 50 contributors could meet face-to-face, as many of them hardly know each other nor meet regularly.

On my way to the venue next to the RAI Exhibition Halls, I noticed that IBC2006 was being held there. It had slipped my mind, as in the past years I have been visiting the broadcast conference regularly to report on developments in the broadcast world for a newsletter. At that time interactive television was still upcoming. Presently television people are working on expanding its audience through internet. Many press releases tell about the new projects on internet. When I came home from the barbecue I noticed the Dutch subsidiary made statement about its position as internet broadcaster. I will come back to this statement tomorrow.

The barbecue was held at Beach South, an artificial beach on the RAI fairgrounds, complete with water, sand, deck chairs and bars. Some 35 people gathered there, mostly men with some five ladies. The conclusion can be that the marketing blog is a man’s business; this while many women are active as marketing world.

The contributors represent many specialties, ranging from interactive marketing to content and from video to statistics. Besides contributors, there were also some technical people; one of them is developing the video channel like YouTube, but then one for marketing video. This is an interesting development as you can now comment in text, while showing interactive marketing actions.


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