Sunday, November 19, 2006

Flash: Talking about digital storytelling

A compilation of research activities within the EU funded project INSCAPE has been made available online! The INSCAPE research papers are available on

The report Sound and Interactive Narrative by Gustave Taxen, Sweden contains two resources:
- It contains an embryo for a vocabulary/glossary for communicating about sound and music within the project.
- It contains a number of examples that outline the capabilities of some of the most advanced (with respect to sound) narrative-related applications today. If INSCAPE is to improve on the state-of the- art with respect to sound, the project must relate to these capabilities and (where appropriate) improve upon them in different ways.

Another report is Immersion and Presence in Storytelling Digital Environments by Björn Thuresson, Sweden The report proposes operative definitions of immersion and presence and their interrelationship, and to exemplify how these concepts can be used in an explanatory and descriptive manner for interactive media content. As a definition for presence is given: Presence is the subjective experience of being in one place or environment, even when one is physically situated in another.

Immersion is an objective description of the system and presence a subjective phenomenon in the user’s experience.

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