Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Video in The Netherlands: various origins (3)

The video sites have various origins: broadcasters, cable operators, site providers. These various background lead also to various business proposals. In this instalment I will treat examples with a different background. NCRV and Salto have a public broadcast background. Zizone is a product by a cable operator/internet operator. Worldmadechannel is a new information provider. It is worthwhile to leaf through the presentations despite the Dutch language text.

NCRV is a Dutch national public broadcast company with a Christian pedigree. It recently started a music site UndiscoveredTalent, which has already 7.200 music bands and 12.000 songs. Interesting is the way the broadcast company deals with the music. A selection of potential hits is shared with a special music site,, which has 12 bands and 500 songs. Comparable to the music site, the broadcast company started a video site under the name This video site was started on August 1, 2006 and contains now 4 series and 510 movies. The broadcast company works together with partners like FilmTotaal, Radio Netherlands and the public broadcast company BNN. NCRV sees it as an extra activity. It does not pay for the entries. It offers exposure a special video courses as a reward.

The Amsterdam public broadcast company Salto The broadcast company is a conglomerate of 3 TV channels and 6 radio stations, which service the population of Amsterdam with a multi cultural offer of programs. The statistics are impressive with 38.000 hours of radio and 600 hours of television. Through internet Salto sees an opportunity to expand the music and video hours. Salto recently got new studio facilities with multimedia studios, complete production streets and a connection to the glass fibre network.

ZiZone is the video site of the broadband operator @Home/Essent Kabelcom, which was started in August of this year. ZiZone aims at producing video together. ZiZone is an IP channel with an cable outlet. Once a week videos are selected to appear in a programme of 20 minutes on cableTV. Management sees opportunities to develop Zizone as a specific site by coupling sales messages with theme content.

A newcomer in this field is Worldmadechannel, a channel for home made movies. It is a global broadcaster, which selects music and videos and makes thematic clustering. Distribution is done by satellite, cable, over IP and mobile. The company has been set up in Russia. The company has a business model; the company will earn back with distribution licences, advertisements and sponsoring.

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