Monday, November 06, 2006

Putting a course on content together (9)

The past days I have been writing about the elements of a course on content. Why a course on content? I personally think that too many internet editors have hardly any idea of the content area. At best they have had a course in writing for the internet; which is a rather narrow view on content.

If I had my way, I would arrange a course with the following blocks

- Creativity
- Storytelling, dramatic content engineering, content sustainability

- Packaging
- Formats, business plans,

- Content related technologies
- Mark-up Language, CSM, DRM, search engines

- Applications
- E-Culture, e-Government, e-Learning, e-Entertainment, e-Science, using examples from multimedia competitions like World Summit Award, Europix Top Talent Award, Webby Awards, EPPY Awards and local competitions

- Searching
- Metadata, search engine optimisation, preservation

- Legal aspects
- Copyright, creative commons

- Usability
- Basic principles, usability project plan, eye tracking

Tomorrow I will end this mini-series on putting a course on content together with a list of content resources.


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