Sunday, September 21, 2008

Update iRex to present 10,2 inch e-Book reader

iRex Technologies, the manufacturer of the e-reader iLiad is to unveil its first 10,2 -inch e-book reader for the business market tomorrow. The iRex site says that IRex Technologies will unveil a new thing, but the magazine Forbes had already more details.

The name of the new e-reader will be iRex Reader 1000. It will be able to use any file format including PDF, Word, and HTML-rendered documents, contrary to the limited file use of the iLiad. However there wil be no no video and no colour yet.

Thre will be three versions of the iRex Reader 1000. For the base version you will have to shell out 650 US dollar. For the verson with writable screen you will pay 750 US dollar. For the version with WiFI, Bluetooth and 3G the price is 850 US dollar.

Watch this blog for a new posting on Tuesday morning.

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