Friday, November 14, 2008

BPN 1263 800 Newspapers on iRex DR 1000 SW

NewspaperDirect Inc., a newspaper aggregator, is introducing its online news portal on the iRex digital reader.'s PressReader software will run on the iRex Digital Reader 1000 series, allowing readers to download their favourite daily newspapers. With official release in December 2008, the iRex DR1000 will join a growing list of handheld devices on which is available, offering 800+ newspapers and magazines from 80+ countries. These include Apple iPhone, Apple iPod Touch, BlackBerry and numerous smartphones.

As with all its content distribution solutions, for iRex is available at no additional cost to publishers. NewspaperDirect's technology taps into the pre-press workflow of any publishing system, making it possible for NewspaperDirect to extract rich digital content that can be repurposed for use in a variety of distribution channels. NewspaperDirect provides full hosting, payment acceptance, customer service management and technical support.

The DR 1000 SW is intended for the information professionals. In the DR 1000 launch press release it read: “Tax specialists, accountants and lawyers that previously had thick piles of documents can carry them in their digital reader; students and academics can easily save their textbooks in the device…Government and public sector organisations can make minutes and reports available electronically whilst medical specialists can have all their patient information and key texts at their fingertips. Plus, in addition to their professional documents they can also have their e‐books and newspapers available.”

(The DR 1000 press release contained also the statement: "With a recent study demonstrating that the average US office worker prints more than 10,000 pages of paper a year, of which three quarters is thrown away within one week and more than half the same day, the 1000 series finally offers a way for companies and individuals to cut out the billions of pages of printed paper they produce each year, making a powerful contribution to the environment”. I think that a company should only make this statement if it can prove that the CO2 emission is reduced by the new device in comparison to the cutting of -controlled areas of - trees. The production and use of new device have not been researched and calculated yet as far as CO2 emission. Until proven it will be a fallacy.)

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