Saturday, November 29, 2008


Today is the last day of the Europrix 2009 festival in Graz. The 350 entries from 30 countries have yielded 20 nominated teams from 15 countries. Most of the nominated teams were present in Graz. This Saturday they all had to present their projects in the Kunsthaus. Tonight was the gala in the Seifen Fabrik (Soap Factory; talking about symbolism) in Graz.

Here are the winners in the categories:
1.Broadband/Online: Take this dance and forget my name (Germany)
2.Offline/Interactive TV: Auschwitz on stage (Germany)
3.Mobile Applications: Robovox (Slovania)
4.Games: Ace of Mace (Austria)
5.Interactive Computer Graphics: Tagtool (Austria)
6.Interactive installations: Mu (France)
7.Interactive TV: Kika and Bob (Netherlands)
8.Digital video and animation: Gisela (Germany)
9.Content tools and interface design: Retype (Switzerland)

Out of the category winners, the overall winners was selected. This year it is Mu from the Ecole de Gobelin in Paris (France). They win the prestigious Europrix Multimedia Award with an interactive game for children, which can be played on an interactive table, while parents can follow the game online. It is not the first time that de Ecole de Gobelin wins the Europrix Multimedia. In 2003 the students of the school won with a Non-violence project and in 2004 students of the school took the overall price with DVD-MAXI Edelweiss Muller Juicy Panic, a crazy DVD promoting the band with the same name.

In the coming days I will present short descriptions of the projects per category from the beautiful catalog, which can be ordered from ICNM.

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