Friday, November 28, 2008

BPN 1269 History of the Europrix Award

I am in Graz (Austria) for the Academic Network Conference and the Europrix Gala. Two days of exchange between digital media instructors on a range of subjects; this year the IPv6 is one of the subjects. On Saturday some 40 projects will be presented that are nominated for the prestigious Europrix award. The chairman of the Europrix, Dr Peter Bruck wrote a short history of the Europrix.

EUROPRIX was started by the Austrian presidency in 1998 as an EU member states initiative with the support of the European Commission DG Enterprise and Information Society, other member EU governments and private industries.

EUROPRIX has a clear mission: to honour excellence in multimedia. The contest and its related activities are organised by the EUROPRIX office in Salzburg and its partner organisations in major regions across Europe in co-operation with leading professional multimedia associations, universities, colleges and other institutions of training in digital, interactive media.

Over more than 10 years of yearly contests and festivals, EUROPRIX has established a unique platform for the development of new media in Europe and created a professional network connecting producers and designers, teachers and students, industry leaders and technology enablers.

EUROPRIX is not a single event. It is an invitation project to all who share in the interest in quality contents and innovative applications that drive and develop the fast-moving multimedia markets in Europe.

The EUROPRIX Multimedia Awards has focussed since 2002 on those content producers and application designers who are about or just have finished their studies and trainings and enter the business world and market. The “EUROPRIX Students’ Award” and “Top Talent Awards” were step by step transformed and given new direction. Today, EUROPRIX can rightfully claim to be Europe’s premier competition for young multimedia producers and application developers. The awards are dedicated to promoting young talent and finding those producers who could become leading innovators in the future.

EUROPRIX’s activities include a yearly contest in 34 European countries, an annual festival and exhibition, a permanent show of best projects in the Vienna Technical Museum, the organisation of the Academic Network Conference, the administrative support for the European Academy for Digital Media-EADiM, the organisation EUROPRIX Summer Schools, EUROPRIX Road Show events and various networking and promotion projects.

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