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BPN 1341 2009 WSA Gala – Travel Advisory to June Monterrey Events

After the excitement of the 2009 Grand Jury in India, serious clouds are showing up on the Monterrey, Mexico, horizon, the venue of the 2009 WSA Gala. The Swinbe Flu is spreading from Mexico. The WSA HQ has published an advisory and says: events will go ahead as planned

Swine Flu occurrence
As of April 25, the Swine Flu is not a pandemic, but has occurred in seven areas in Mexico and US (incl. New York). There is a risk that the influenza might spread due to a novel genetic combination which makes the virus transferable from human to humans.

No Swine Flu occurrence in Monterrey and region: The State of Noevo Leon and the City of Monterrey are not among the places where the swine flu virus has occurred.


All WSA events participants are advised to get a normal innoculation for Influenza and the AH1N1 virus. The standard vaccine against influenza of the above mentioned strain is: Agrippal from Novartis

See among others:

In case of Illness
Doctors and health authorities state that the virus responds well to the Neuraminidase-Blocker which is commercially available from ROCHE under the brand name Tamiflu/Oseltamivir.

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Further information
The World Summit Award Office closely monitors the situation and directs participants for any further inquiries re: swine flu outbreak to:
1. WHO information can be found at:
2. European Center for disease Control:
3. The WSA events will go ahead as planned and carefully so.

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