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BPN 1387 My selection of WSA Best e-Content 09 (12)

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ngpay is India’s first mass market mobile commerce service. Functioning on every telecom network, consumers all over India are able to bank, pay bills, book tickets, make donations, shop, order food, and more - from a single place on their mobile handsets. At present, transactions with 80+ businesses across 10 sectors can be completed following a simple download of a free, 64kb application. Upon selection of a merchant, users are guided step-by-step through the m-commerce transaction via a menu-driven interface. At the payment stage, the conventional forms of electronic payment are offered. Data and over-the-air transactions are fully encrypted and require multi-level authorization to be accessed. Users receive SMS and, where applicable, email verifications of their transactions, and can view their transaction history on the ngpay main menu.

The power of mobile connectivity to change the way people do business transaction is amply demonstrated by ngpay. It is easy, fast, and secure and has already a quite comprehensive list of services including entertainment, travel, shopping, banking, utility bill payments, and donations. The ngpay has an attractive menu, clear graphics and provides easy yet comprehensive mobile banking including 3rd party fund transfer and redeeming ngpay loyalty points. It delivers a true PC-based e-Commerce experience. The Ngpay user needs only a basic java handset and active GPRS connection. Ngpay brings low-cost electronic commerce and financial services to the rural and working class.

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