Saturday, October 03, 2009

BPN 1388 My selection of WSA Best e-Content 09 (13)

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AvaGuide combines interactive video and text-to-speech technology to enable virtual characters to hold customized conversations on company or product web sites. In less than 10 minutes of production time, AvaGuide can provide businesses with a virtual employee who will work 24/7, serving tens of customers at a time. One needs only to record a video or choose one of the pre-recorded characters and add a background and a dialogue. The code is to be simply copied and pasted into the website and AvaGuide is ready to attract more customer attention, convert visitors into paying customers, plus gain distinction from competitors. AvaGuide helps visitors to navigate though sites and find answers to questions instantly providing an intuitive online experience.

“Making business life easier” - AvaGuide is a sophisticated combination of top quality interactive video and text-to-speech technology that enables businesses to create astoundingly life-like virtual characters on the web in the most simple way. Designed for small and medium-sized enterprises and using cutting-edge multimedia technology business websites gain immensely in attractiveness. Visitors can thus easily find information, fill out forms or get answers to their questions. Stylish backgrounds can be easily integrated and classical business dialogues are already prepared for customization. The simple copy and paste approach of the finished HTML Code make AvaGuide a breakthrough product that refreshes each business.

InteliWISE S.A.
Marcin Strzalkowski
Marek Borzestowski
Marek Trojanowicz
English, Chinese
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