Monday, October 05, 2009

BPN 1390 My selection of WSA Best e-Content 09 (15)

Category: e-Inclusion & Participation

Voices of Africa

The Voices of Africa website hosts over 300 examples of mobile reports supported by a programme which gives young Africans with little or no journalistic experience the opportunity to make a living by pursuing careers as mobile reporters. The foundation behind the site provides individuals with the basic technological equipment and financial means to be active in the media sector. Participants are given training and support with specific small scale assignments and are also encouraged to participate in specific media projects initiated by partners of the foundation. Their efforts are displayed on

Both inclusive and participatory, the depth of content and the interactivity are particularly rich on the Voices of Africa. Emerging journalists, mentored by experts in their field, take matters into their own hands and get valuable on the job training that is second to none. This interactivity is incredibly rich as they learn from scratch how to produce their own stories. The program fits for the needs of the audience and enables a large number of people to engage journalistically in a meaningful way eliminating financial barriers that may prevent talented journalists to emerge and grow. Voices of Africa is an outstanding citizen journalism site and was recognized as such through its invitation to be one of a few hand selected bloggers at the G20 Summit in 2009. This project exemplifies both bridging the digital divide and narrowing the content gap.

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