Tuesday, June 14, 2005

A bloody virus

Well it happened to me. Last night my e-mail system started to get blocked. First I thought that I was again over the limit with all the mail that I save. But after a while it became clear that this was not the case. I received mail from people I know, telling me that they had received a document from me several times. Monique had received the document 9 times and Peter Olaf in Denmark had even received it 15 times. A lady in the UK told me that I was blocking the academic system. And in Holland I was called up and told to stop spamming.

So apologies are in order. In the meantime I am using the web mail, but that is so slow that you can drink easily a cup of coffee between the mails. Problem is also that you can not save the mails. So this is not ideal.

But even after downloading a virus program, the problem is not relieved. And just at a moment that you do not need this type of trouble. Tomorrow we have the World Summit Award jury deliberations and on Thursday the EUROPRIX.nl jury meets. Oh well….

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