Wednesday, June 15, 2005

White smoke for Dutch WSA nominations

The Dutch jury has spoken. The Dutch entries for submission for the entries to the World Summit Award Grand Jury are known.

The jury came together in Amersfoort at the media technology department of the Knowledge Satellite College, part of the Hogeschool van Utrecht (HVU). The school is rather new and the teaching staff had offered us assistance for arranging the entries and storing the CD-ROMs and DVDs. At 10 o’clock all jury members were present and the process could start. The technology at the start was laborious, but this was fixed after a quarter of an hour, after which everything worked without blemish.

One jury member was absent. Nienke Meyer, managing director of the newspaper Eindhovens Dagblad, had to go to an obligatory management training; but she had prepared her statements on the products. Bernhard van Oranje, an entrepreneur, was the chairman of the jury and he was assisted by Anne van Brussel, an multimedia instructor at the Hogeschool Rotterdam, Martijn Arts, a managing director of Zappwerk, and Anton van Elburg, editor in chief of eEmerce. The jury was an interesting group of people. Bernhard van Oranje distinguished himself as an e-commerce entrepreneur in the early internet days. Nienke ran amongst others a cable text service in the South of The Netherlands. Anne teaches graphical and computer design. Martijn is partner in an internet company; the company won once the EUROPRIX 2000 price for the

The jury members had prepared themselves in their own time and got a short reminder during the session. By 2 o’clock the session was over and the white smoke could be shown to the world.

Here is the list of the Dutch nominations:
Category 1. e-Learning
Title: Frequentie 1550
Company: De Waag

Category 2. e-Culture
Title: Timespots Amsterdam
Company: Timespots

Category 3. e-Science
Title: Zap
URL: or
Company: Technical University of Twente

Category 4. e-Government
Title: Raad in Beeld
Company: Municipality of Eindhoven/Noterik

Category 5. e-Health
Title: 3vision
Company: 3mensio

Category 6. e-Business
Title: Olaf & Otto
Company: Heineken/Qi

Category 7. e-Entertainment
Title: 2GOTV
Company: Media Republic

Category 8. e-Inclusion
Title: First8
Company: Clockwork

You can have a look at the nominations already as information on all of them is online. Of course you might have to brush up your Dutch, but at least in one case (Zap), there is an English counterpart. In most of the other cases there is an English translation to suit interested foreigners. Otherwise, copy the text into the translation machine of Yahoo; no guarantees for a proper translation.

It took an intensive session to agree on these entries. We will send them off to the Grand Jury in Bahrain with great expectation and hope that some of them are going to belong to the final 40 best practices. To hope for all of them would be very greedy as only 32 slots for nomination would be left.

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