Sunday, June 26, 2005

EP Category 4: e-Business

Category 4 is a difficult category. What is e-Business? The formulation for this category is very open. And the entries confirm that. We have interactive advertisements, medical software, lead management systems, annual reports, corporate presentations and marketplaces. It is clear that we will have to be more precise about the category next year and leave interactive advertisements to the Dutch Spinawards. Yet the quality in this category is very, very high. It is a pity that entry eventually does not participate as it does not want the jury to inspect the site; the producers want to come and present their site. But the rules of The are that you can only come and present your site after that you have been nominated.

Yet, the jury had quite a discussion about this category and liked to go beyond the rules and nominated four entries.

Bookmark – Cadillac SRX
Once Cadillac was famous for its large gas consuming cars; now the car is state of art, stylish and a modern brand. All of these characteristics are combined in the Cadillac SRX: The New Look of Cadillac. In order to entice new European customers and to seduce them into purchasing a Cadillac, an extensive cross-media campaign has been set up with the sole purpose of getting the commitment of a customer at the earliest possible stage. This campaign has been devised and set up by Bookmark, a company that focuses on consultancy and support for companies on organising, implementing and integrating interactive marketing and multi-channel marketing strategies. An important part of this campaign is the “Hotspots” contest, for which consumers were encouraged to go to a special website. The goal of the contest was to collect Hotspots: exclusive modern and dynamic locations throughout Europe that fit the image of the Cadillac SRX. Consumers could enter their own “Hotspot” in the contest, and the winning entry was rewarded with a trip. The best “Hotspots” have been collected in a book which was handed out to customers after a test drive. The entire campaign consisted of several stages. In the preliminary stage, the data was acquired with which potential customers were attracted. This was followed by an information phase in which the customer was introduced to the new Cadillac and redirected to the special website. Finally there was the test drive phase for which potential buyers were contacted by a mailing, containing a CD-ROM, and with this mailing the customer could apply for a test drive. Mailing, website and CD-ROM were designed with Flash and Director in a modern and dynamic look that breathes a sense of style and exclusiveness, as does the Cadillac SRX.

KSYOS – KSYOS Client Safe
The Client Safe is the KSYOS version of the electronic patient file. The Client Safe enables a 24/7 accessibility via the internet of the file for authorised persons only, and is primarily used for medical purposes. Patient records that are stored in different physical locations can be accessed via one single system. KSYOS specialises in designing new methods of assisting health care services, and her mission is to improve the accessibility of health care by improving the efficiency on the supplying side. This will be of the utmost importance, as the demand for health care will increase in the coming years. The Client Safe combines paper-based patient files with ICT-functionalities. The KSYOS-applications have been based on the “three certificate model” installed by the government, Public Key Infrastructure or PKI. With this Public Key Infrastructure patient’s files can be digitally signed, when its content is agreed upon. It also incorporates the use of a unique identification card, which allows the digital exchange of patient data, only be read by authorized persons. This way, patients can consult with their physicians and safely make appointments using the internet. As with the card, all of the patients data can be traced, controlled and accessed, it automatically leads to an electronic patient file, the Client Safe. There are no systems presently available that allow the same functionalities and meets the same standards as the Client Safe. When building the portal, KSYOS used XML technology and incorporated the Three Certificate Model. The system does not only allow the entry of textual patient data but allows also graphic images and photographs to be attached to the file. This allows the physician in charge as well as the patient to actually look at the complaints digitally, resulting in true, safe and real-time accessibility anywhere.

MediaMonks– Game Boy Advance SP Tribal Edition
This website services his purpose, creating a mystic environment around the product. The new Game Boy Advance SP Tribal edition is just an ordinary game boy, only the look has been changed. By promoting the lifestyle aspect and the tribal tattoo MediaMonks is trying to attach a new group of interest. For the promotion a new interactive flash site was developed. The flash site offers an online adventure game. The user is able to walk in an area where he receives pieces of information about the new Game Boy Advance SP. The game pushes the mood of the product into the spotlight. MediaMonks, the creators of the site, have used 3D graphics and beautiful animations. The creation of the mysterious mood, and the life aspects that are shown, are central in this brilliant promotion campaign.

Talmon Communicatie – Jaarverslag WNF 2003 – 2004
The Dutch nature conservation organization WNF has chosen for an interactive presentation of their annual report on CD-ROM. The annual report is produced by Talmon Communicatie and serves as an explanation of the financial statement of the WNF. Furthermore, the members and donors of the WNF are being informed about the area of work and the projects. In his introduction Karel Vuursteen, chairman of WNF Netherlands, thanks the members and donors, while beautiful images of nature accompany his speech. With text, photographs and video the objectives and activities of the WNF are being explained. A navigation bar, under in the screen, points the user to several parts on the CD-ROM. The button “werkterreinen” (working areas) leads the user to a page with animated buttons. On the CD-ROM various movie clips of high quality can be found. In these clips employees of WNF tell about what their activities. These projects are being explained by movie clips as well was by text and images. A very nice part of the CD-ROM is the financial statement, usually presented in a boring way, but now in a playful way. The panda bear, the icon for the WNF, ldirects coins to different cups to illustrate their destination. The product is characterized by high quality movie clips, transparent navigation, nice images, clear texts, a neat lay-out and playful animations. The CD-ROM is being presented in a nice package and satisfies its objective.

MediaMonks presents at the public jury session

In the end the MediaMonks won the category award. In one of the comments to the press release, a sympathiser thought that it was righteously so.

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