Monday, June 27, 2005

EP Category 5: Citizens, Democracy and e-Government

This category should be popular, you think. Well forget it. The government has its own competition in this field as a promotion among municipalities, provinces and government institutes. Besides the government hands out an award and 10.000 euro for the winner. Well can not compete with this. And it should not. For the accent in the Webawards competition of the government is not as much on the content, but on the complete services package of a municipality. And only lately they discovered that accessibility is an important issue. Last year we had two interesting nominations. One entry of the Childrens’ Hospital in Utrecht,; they lost last year, but I recently saw that they won a SAM award (good for them). The other entry was for the use of video streams in council meetings, a product developed by Noterik. This year the jury nominated only one product: Face your world.

Stichting Face Your World – Face Your World
Face your world means: Stand up for your own world, make the world to your liking and embrace your world. Face your world encourages teenagers to participate in city renewal en to have a critical opinion about their own home environment. Jeanne van Heeswijk stimulates youngsters to interfere in this process, and to show that their opinion is relevant. As a result of this process youngsters will get a clear view of this world and tell them how to direct their influence. The interactor software has specially been developed and is a unique product. There is no other tool available that can compare to all these possibilities together. This piece of multi-user software enables youngsters to rebuild their world with their own imagination, creativity, and arguments, while the results can be accessed immediately. The software combines urban renewal, graphical art, design, communication and philosophy together. The created environment is a photographical 3 dimensional representation, which enables the user to see the result of it’s modification instantly. The software can be used for education purposes, but also for governmental processes. The actual model is used to achieve participation in urban renewal.

Jeanne van Heeswijk of the Face Your World Foundation at the public jury session

Face your world did win the category award. Of course the jury still had the option not to award a proze in this category. Yet it is an interesting concept of using software in a an urban renewal project by people living in the area.

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