Tuesday, June 28, 2005

EP Category 6: First steps in multimedia

This is a difficult category in interpretation. Does the category title mean that it is for kid productions as kids set their first steps in multimedia? Or is the category intended for institutes making their first productions. Last year the producers did not enter any product in this category. But this year there were some interesting. As you can see Bookmark the producers of the European Cadillac site were present with Kaboem. Info.nl had participated earlier with Locationnet, a navigation system and routeplanner; now they entered something completely different: Villa Red Nose.

Bookmark – Kamboem.nl
Youngsters from 9 until 15 years old meet each other on the website Kaboem.nl. This website with games, competitions, polls, a radio and a chatbox is developed by Bookmark, a company that consults with companies and assists with the organization, implementation and integration of interactive marketing and multi channel marketing strategies. The youngsters have the leading part on this website. By polls, short surveys, they can influence the content of the website. Polling is also used to refresh the knowledge of the target group continuously. By using the Kaboem platform, commercial- and non-profit parties can be in touch with this homogeneous target group, which is barely being served by the current media. It is a very interesting from a commercial point of view. Kaboem.nl exists of four sections: Boys Only, Girls Only, Music and Fun. Users have to register and based on the sex he or she is redirected to the Boys or Girls only webpage. On the Girls Only page girls read about Glitter and Glamour, Soaps & stars and Love. On the other hand the Boys Only webpage is all about babes, games and sports. The website is filled with information, humor, games, polls and competitions. On a notice-board A visitor can chat or leave a message. In the section Hotspots a member can make a personal homepage with photographs and text and maintain it. Visitors of these homepages can leave messages for the creator of the page.

Info.nl – Villa Neuzenroode
Recent developments reveal that ill children spend less time in hospital, but an increasing amount of time at home. CliniClowns Netherlands, which mission it is to deliver support and distraction for all ill children, hospitalised and nursed at home, has set up its internet application Villa Neuzenroode. This website has been developed by Info.nl with the specific needs and requirements of ill children in mind. Info.nl is an organisation which develops online applications with usability and accessibility for the end user in mind at all times. They are responsible for the development, design, and realisation of Villa Neuzenroode. The volunteers of CliniClowns were, due to their success, no longer able to maintain their high rates of visitating ill children. Therefore an online experience was set up which makes optimal use of the possibilities Internet has to offer. Villa Neuzenroode is inhabited by real life clowns, and children are always welcome here. A unique feature of Villa Neuzenroode is the webcam contact that CliniClowns can maintain with children at home. But this is not the only feature Villa Neuzenroode has to offer: it has 24/7 distraction and pleasure for children by various games, video’s, images and photographs of the CliniClowns and online do-it-yourself music compositions. If the child has no interest in active participation, there is the option for stories to be told. Villa Neuzenroode is a multi-user flash-environment in which all technological possibilities available have been brought together with the single goal of facilitating and enabling the optimal online clown-child interaction. The webcam-features and multiple chat rooms form a major part of this. The content of Villa Neuzenroode can be completely delivered by the clowns, and this way it’s very easy to add new movies and activities to the site by the requirements of the moment, thereby allowing suitable entertainment and enlightenment for the most vulnerable of our children, always and everywhere.

Villa Neuzenroode did win the category award. Not surprisingly, I guess. It is their first claim to fame and thier first award since the opening of the site last month. It is a sympathetic cause. Clowns help kids and kids can keep themselves busy by looking at movies, but they can also make drawings and send them in and make music. And through the webcam, the kid has contact with a clown.

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