Monday, December 03, 2007

Academic Network Conference 07 (12)

The European Master’s in Interactive Multimedia (EMIM)

At the Academic Network Conference in Graz (Austria) the organizers of the EMIM project presented themselves for the first time. Over the past years Melissa Lee Price of Staffordshire University has promoted a course through a virtual network, leading to a European Master in Interactive Multimedia (EMIM). The course is now starting, trialing modules, preparing a full launch in 2008.

The EMIM is a team taught course of post-graduate study endorsed by the European Academy of Digital Media. The course is offered to both part-time and full-time students via distance learning. There will be six European institutions of higher learning contributing to the degree, with each institution enrolling, administering, and conferring the final degree to its own students.

The basic idea of the two-year course was started in the womb of the European Academy of Digital Media (EADiM), a network of European multimedia experts working in enterprises and educational institutes. It was felt there that EMIM should be set up the course, mainly for students already working in multimedia companies; but also full time students can join in the modules. The advantage would be that the collaborating institutes would be sharing independent curricular modules. The distance learning will be given by home lecturers and virtual guest lecturers over Valnet (Virtual Academic Learning Network), a virtual network under the auspices of the EADiM.

The students will enroll and remain a student at their home institution, but virtually study with all partner institutions. They will develop close working relationships with their peers across Europe. Once students have completed their course, they should be ready to contribute to the European interactive multimedia industry.

The goals for the students is to reach a comprehensive understanding of interactive multimedia in relation to advanced theory and practical skills enhanced with a European perspective through a shared European educational experience. They should get an understanding of multimedia practice in relation to traditional media practice and new technology. The students should be able to achieve independence of study in terms of innovation in content and environments, planning substantive pieces of work, both written and produced, and integrating creative ideas and insights into established knowledge and practice

The consortium aims to bring six universities together in the project. Presently five institutes have committed themselves: ITIN (France), Yeditepe University (Turkey), Babes-Bolyai University (Romania), University of Tallinn (Estonia), Staffordshire University (Great Britain). EADiM (The Netherlands) is involved, facilitating the network. Each institution is responsible for two modules. Partners will offer all modules to their students. EMIM covers 50% of ECTS, home institute will cover the rest. Each institution will supervise the ‘capping’ project for their home students. Upon completing no less than 120 European credits, the degree conferred will reflect that the student has studied with all the institutions involved.

Presetly the EMIM consortium is looking for a suitable sixth partner. From 2008 onwards it will admit more academic institutes in Europe and outside Europe. Of course, the idea can be applied to other courses. EMIM/EADiM is willing to asist in setting up these courses, the virtual network and infrastructure.

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