Tuesday, December 18, 2007

EUROPRIX Multimedia Top Talent Award 2008 (11)

Quality Seals (continued)

In this last posting of the mini-series EUROPRIX Multimedia Top Talent Award 2008 I present the last entries which were awarded a Quality Seal by the jury.

Category: Mobile Content

Title: Tourality – Move Your Mobile!
Producer: Jonas Soukup, Klemens Zieptnig (Austria)
URL: http://tourality.com/

Title: Museum of Canterbury Digiguide
Producer: Elisabeth Valentine

Title: Makai – Just Colour up!
Producer: Christian Kandler, Melanie Friedrich, Marion Dandl, Christina Rotter, Katrin Graff (Germany)
URL: http://makai.fh-augsburg.de/

Category: Interactive Computer Graphics

Title: Dead on Arrival Interactive Control
Producer: Matthew Gibson, Geoffrey Gaviria (UK)
URL: http://www.dead-on-arrival.co.uk/

Title: The Eighth Day
Producer: Arnis Locher (UK)
URL: http://www.eigthdaynovel.com/

Category: Interactive Installations & Interactive TV

Title: PhotoGraphics
Producer: Alexander Koenig, Sebastian Schmidt, Daniel Müller, Florentin Steiner, Regina Demmel (Germany)

Title: Hannu’s Footsteps – Media Design for the Nature Photo Exhibition
Producer: Brnni Antti, Teemu Maikkola (Finland)
URL: http://www.hh-projekti.fi/

Title: Reflections
Producer: Peter Berezhansky, Aleksei Golovy (Israel)

Title: SARoskop
Producer: Martin Hesselmeier, Karin Lingnau
URL: www.martinhesselmeier.com/saroskop

Title: Between Blinks & Buttons
Producer: Sacha Pohflepp (Germany)
URL: http://www.blinksandbuttons.net/

Category: Digital Video & Animations

Title: A Thread of Reality
Producer: Stuart Dyson, Mike Hole, Martin Darby (UK)
URL: http://www.atreadofreality.com/

Title: He Didn’t Eat the Icecream
Producer: Michael Muik, Viktoria Wöss

Category: Content Tools & Interface Design

Title: INTOI – Interchange of Ideas: Digital Flipchart
Producer: Claudia Oster, Michael Hurnaus, Verena Lugmayr, Jürgen Oberngruber, Christian Schafleiner (Austria)
URL: http://intoi.net/

Title: icPoint – Interactive Night Sky Observation
Producer: Michael Dobis, Vladimir Hlavacek, Michael Jajcaj, Dusan Lamos, Linh Hoang Xuan (Slovakia)

Title: amCharts
Producer: Antanas Marcellonis (Lithuania)
URL: http://www.amcharts.com/

This posting concludes the mini-series on the EUROPRIX Multimedia Top talent Award 2008. For more information go to the site. There is a printed catalogue of the competition; for more information: contact the EUROPRIX Top Talent Office c/o International Center for New Media, Moosstr. 43a, 5020 Salzburg (Austria); office@europrix.org; t: +43.662.630408.

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