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EUROPRIX Multimedia Top Talent Award 2008 (7)

Category: Content Tools & Interface Design

In the category Content Tools & Interface Design the jury looks for powerful content tools, content management systems and technological innovatioons concerning new ways in interface design. The category attracted 29 entries from 14 countries. The nominees in this category were:
- Strip mine
- Totem
- OpenStudio
Proclaimed as the winner in this category is Strip mine.

Title: Strip Mine
Producer: Andraz Tori, Bostjan Spetic (Slovenia)
The computer knows how to read but might never understand what it is reading. Faking that understanding gives users the possibility of eventually making web-content interactive. Strip Mine is a content intelligence platform that automatically generates web-pages for television shows. It combines television subtitles with video streams and turns content into attractive, logically structured web-pages. The content is searchable, quotable and playable in segments. The advantages are that texts from television programmes, in this case specially selected Slovenian television shows, can be found using common search engines. Therefore, previously 'hidden' video content becomes discoverable. Exact quotes can be easily embedded into blogs and forums for authoritative debate. Information is then further hyperlinked to Wikipedia for its educational resources. Strip Mine therefore offers an interwoven way of viewing television content.

Strip Mine is a fine example of a new trend in broadcasting and video archives. While the BBC in the 1980s still typed all the texts of BBC World into the Datasolve database for professional use, micro chunking effortlessly generates much more complex text data for target groups such as bloggers and forums as well as the internet community. A simple text search and tap on the video key will bring up the relevant fragment of a current affairs programme. Strip Mine is a fantastic resource!

Title: Totem
Producer: Jennifer Bernier, Aurélie Schwartzmann, Emilie Guelpa, Mathias Roumy, Vincent Perrier Perery, Alexis Lorin (France)
Totem is an interactive installation that allows users to leave different post-it notes including drawings, photos, videos, texts on an easy-to-use touch screen monitor in the home. Totem makes it easy to share messages, ideas, feelings and to-do lists with the people you live with. An alerting device also emits a soft coloured light and a pleasant melody every time a user receives a message. Messages can be tagged, organised and stored on screen or in the archive. A fingerprint reader allows users to quickly log into their fully customisable personal space. The display and sound effects evolve according to the constantly updated weather, time and temperature information received via a wireless connection. Rich media messages can also be sent or received to the system via a mobile phone.

Overall, the jury felt that this project demonstrates a novel use of an interactive interface for everyday communication between family members or other groups of people living together. It mingles high technology with the best of personalised messaging in a compelling and emotional manner. The archiving potential also means that it acts as a digital memory of everyday life. Although Totem offers solutions that replicate what people can do already with basic items, it could easily act as a more important focal point for a family than the home television or PC.

Title: Open Studio
Producer: Oded Babayoff (Israel)
Creative people tend to live in their own minds and operate out of their bedroom studios. Breaking out of these self-imposed restrictions is intimidating for designers used to protecting their creative juices. Open Studio brings talent together by acting as an online project management tool. The web application combines the classic tools from the design world – brainstorming, concept boards, project briefs – and places an emphasis on transparency in the creative process as teams work together. Designers can simply take their work anywhere, consult others and discuss their ideas with colleagues or clients. Changes can be online in real-time.

The target group of this application are graphic designers – people who have their own peculiarities, specific terminology and personal creative patterns in the design workflow. Even their culture and how they interact with their colleagues is quite different to other professions. The jury felt that Open Studio is a unique application that really supports the specific project management needs of designers from start to finish. It follows the trend of offering specific tools and solutions for particular communities and their problems

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