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EUROPRIX Multimedia Top Talent Awards 2008 (2)

Category: Broadband/Online

The category Broadband/Online is about all web and Internet contents and applications, especially those showing the potential of broadband experience demonstrating high interactivity, global connection, real-time and streaming media, and up-to-date communication. In this category 53 projects from 18 European countries entered. In the category Broadband/Online three entries were nominated:
- Sobieski Party planner
- Townkings
- World ABC
World ABC was selected as the category winner.

World ABC
Company: VS Ortnergasse 4
Country: Austria
World ABC is a collaborative web-project of grade school children who under the direction of their teacher invite users to see and hear how different cultures call in their languages objects of everyday life. The pupils recorded their pronunciations in their first or second languages – including German, English, Serbian, Turkish and Kurdish. What emerges is a panphonetic collection and an online multilingual encyclopaedia. World ABC helps users to appreciate the wonders of other languages and cultures. Additionally, they are encouraged in Web 2.0 fashion to submit to the editors their own images, word suggestions and voice recordings. Made for children with contributions by children, World ABC focuses on the beauty of how different languages have a unique or similar word for the same things.

World ABC is a very effective social learning project for young children. One can imagine very well its usefulness for children to appreciate other cultures and to see learning another language as enjoyable and worthwhile. As such it could become a community tool, helping to build relations between pupils, their families and teachers. Its innovative openness to contributions means that it also has fantastic potential to grow.

Sobieski Party planner
Company: Gaumina Ltd
Country: :Lithuania
SOBIESKI Party Planner is an online events calendar. Aimed specifically at advertising club events sponsored by the vodka brand in Lithuania, users can plan their social life by selecting from a list of the coolest places in the capital city off Vilnius. Users can select events and then invite their friends via email to join them by quickly creating a movie flyer with their friend’s face pasted on a disco character. Does your friend dance like Dima, with his vain good looks, or body-pop like 20 cent? Is she like Pinky, the girly girl, or the mysterious goth Blackie? Simply upload a photo to watch their disco alter egos throw outrageously clich├ęd dance moves!

Mixing brand recognition with viral marketing, SOBIESKI Party Planner is a fresh way for advertisers to target a youth market that is not responding to traditional advertising anymore. What particularly attracted the jury’s attention was the use of Web 2.0 features which create a compelling participatory environment for this website’s target audience. The highly innovative use of personalised music video messages is a simple gag, but also a highly effective way of getting people interested in the site’s services – and the vodka brand. The web site executes its viral advertising strategy brilliantly.

Company: Supreme NewMedia GmbH
Country: Germany
The Internet has broken down the distances between people worldwide. Finding and sharing information is fast and effortless. People now live in a global village. But how do they find the girl-next-door type? Do they even know who lives next door? Townkings is the first social community website which is based on where people live on a map. Users simply enter as much detail as they wish about themselves and then build up a network according to their needs. Users can find people with the same interests, search for love or post an event and organise their social life. Skype is fully integrated as is a user-friendly messaging service in this inviting and vibrant portal. Rather than living in an anonymous virtual world, Townkings lives off real life.

This is Web 2.0 at its best! Townkings offers a platform and allows users to expand it into a growing online community. What is unique about Townkings is that it is based on city maps. While the world becomes more global day by day, the most relevant contacts remain local. Mothers can ask other mothers for help or find company for the playground nearby. Fitness-fanatics could find a buddy for jogging who lives around the corner. It is easy to imagine that Townkings might lead to a huge, helpful database of people who live next to each other in a city, district or street.

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