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EUROPRIX Multimedia Top Talent Award 2008 (10)

Besides the nominees, the category winners, the overall winner and the special jury distinction, the competition of the EUROPRIX Multimedia Top Talent Award offers Quality Seals. These seals recognises projects and products that are considered highly innovative and creative by the international experts of the EUROPRIX Top Talent Jury. Overwhelming was the level in the category Broadband/Online with 15 quality seals. In this posting no extensive description is offered, but just a mention of the project. These Quality Seals projects are worthwhile to be researched, especially by digital media students and companies.

Category: Braodband/Online

Title: Project Gobelins Community
Producer: Samy Germaine, Pierrick Vanneau, Theophile Kalumbu, Thomas Dudon, Adrien Havet (France)

Title: Website for the Tilt Design Studio
Producer: Marc Antosch, Dominic Buenning, Ralph Heinsch, Felix Schultze, Guido von Marientrue (Germany)

Producer: Martin Sperling

Title: Degree Show catalogue 2007
Producer: Paul Michalet (UK)

Title: medialib
Producer: Leo Lanksford (UK)

Title: mezzanaie – elevating your creativity
Producer: Julian Morency, Jack Steven (UK)
URL: www.

Title: Wikifonia
Producer: Thomas Bonte, Tom Deryckere, Benoit Catteau, Nicolas Froment (Belgium)

Title: Hello Staffordshire
Producer: Serim Abboushi

Title: Crimeface
Producer: Andrew Lim, Krishna Stott

Title: Virtual FH
Producer: Max Brandl, Hannes Moser, Philipp Strahl

Title: The Batana House
Producer: Vladimir Koncar, Ozren Crnogorac, Gorjan Agacevic, Vedran Kolac, Aljosa Mohorovic (Croatia)

Title: The Last Breath
Producer: Martin Brian, Claire English, Seamus Kavanagh, Ciaran Finnegan, Carmel O‘Callaghan (Ireland)

Title: Balcony TV
Producer: Stephen O’Regan, Tom Millett, Pauline Freeman (Ireland)

Category: Offline/Interactive DVD

Title: Multimedia Historic Bratislava
Producer: Peter Borovsky, Milan Ftaanik, Andrej Ferko, Martin Samuelaik (Slovakia)
Media format: DVD

Title: Bodmas’ Brain Buster
Producer: Joseph Waghorn (UK)
Media format: CD-Rom

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