Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Flash: Publication about Frequency 1550

Joost Raessens of University Utrecht has written a 20 page article on the mobile history game Frequency 1550, developed by the Waag in Amsterdam. The article will be included in a forthcoming publication entitled 'Didactics of Microlearning. Concepts, Discourses, and Examples'. (Ed. T. Hug. M√ľnster: Waxmann Verlag); the chapter is called: Playing History. Reflections on Mobile and Location-Based Learning.

Raessens' chapter extensively describes the game concept behind Frequency 15550 and the difference between instructive learning (learning through teachers and writing) and constructive learning (learning by doing it yourself). University Utrecht and the University of Amsterdam performed joint research into the learning results with Frequency 1550 in 2007.

The chapter of the publication can be downloaded from the project page under publications, entitled Playing History.

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