Wednesday, September 23, 2009

BPN 1377 My selection of WSA Best e-Content 09 (3)

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MPedigree enables anyone in a developing country with access to a cell phone to authenticate drugs before use. In order to fight the deadly consequences of the growing global counterfeit pharmaceutics market, it works via a simple SMS, accessible by default on all phones, and available on all cellular networks.
Akin to the very popular scratch card method for replenishing cellular talktime, users reveal a single-use code on drugs and SMS it to a provisioned mobile short code, which in turn generates an automated verification response. There is no cost to the drug patron — genuine drug manufacturers bear the cost due to the entrenched benefits they stand to reap when counterfeiters are driven out of the market.

Malaria kills over a million people a year: a simple SMS could prevent 20% of deaths. This health application brings together medicine manufacturers, government and consumers to solve one of the main problems in Ghana as in other African countries: that is medicine and drugs authenticity. Currently 80% of the medicines are counterfeited and result often in death. This project is the hope for every individual in this region suffering from counterfeited medicines and drugs. Armed with a simple cell phone, users can finally find out about the
quality of their medicine. This project bridges the gap between the mobile technology and medical related contents to solve a major problem in Africa and other developing regions.

Bright Simons
Ashifi Gogo
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