Tuesday, September 29, 2009

BPN 1384 My selection of WSA Best e-Content 09 (9)

Category: e-culture & Heritage

You Tour

You Tour uses the latest generation iPods to offer a multimedia tour guide which lets tourists conveniently do their sightseeing at holiday destinations. In an educational, entertaining and interactive way, the user is guided around their chosen destination, their route enriched by a wealth of content. Not only are the tours well documented with location maps, digital reconstructions, photographs, illustrations, animations, videos and instructions; a regularly updated directory of museums, restaurants, shops and services keeps tourists up-to-date. A ‘survival kit’ offers information on embassies, currency, and emergency phone numbers. Finally, You Tour offers an audio/photo dictionary which contains useful phrases in the local language. Available in multiple languages, this comprehensive package can be downloaded free of charge from the iTunes store.

This ingenious application offers a rich mixture of intriguing and practical content, combining historical explanations with current logistical information of interest to visitors of the Chiapas region. The You Tour navigation is intuitive, both compliant and sympathetic to the Apple interface standards for iPods. The product interacts excellently in a variety of user languages, taking advantage of location-based information. You Tour provides reliable local e-Content, at a time and place where the visitor is most likely to be interested and make use of it. You Tour is distributed by institutions or museums loaning the branded iPods to visitors at no charge. If this business model proves successful in Chiapas it will globally substituting local e-content for tour guides. As GPS becomes more ubiquitous in devices, further features may be added.

You Tour
Alejandro Machorro
Rodolfo Laddaga López
Spanish, Italian, French and English
Media Format
mobile content
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